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January 3, 2018
September 23, 2022

Some medical professions have readily adopted locum tenens as part of the industry culture. Perhaps one of the more notable examples is the role of physician assistant, as PAs routinely take on locum tenens positions either in their own hometown or as a travel opportunity.

Here we take a look at three reasons you should consider a locum tenens position as a PA.

1. Combat PA burnout.

While the reasons for burnout are similar to those of other medical professions - work-life imbalance, emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, etc. - PAs may find that locums life can help prevent fatigue. Locum tenens jobs offers a unique and powerful way for physician assistants to take back some control over their practice parameters. Locum tenens PAs are often able to set their own schedule and hours, creating the work-life balance that best fits their needs. Indeed, something as simple as changing venue or zip code is enough to break the daily rut of clinical medicine.

2. Substantially less "paperwork" than a staff position.

"Paperwork," or electronic documentation, is the bane of modern medical practice. Work as a locum tenens PA is an excellent way to immediately trim up to half the administrative burden from the job. Some locum tenens professionals call the experience "practicing pure medicine" because it hearkens back to a time in medicine without endless forms and billing sheets.

3. Help patients in under-served areas.

Many PAs are aware of the critical need for experienced medical professionals in under-served areas. When you consider the growing population in need of regular medical care, largely due to the aging baby boomer generation, there is a dire need for PAs in specific regions throughout the country. On the other hand, there are practical reasons for not relocating to an under-served area full-time. A locum tenens position in an under-served area allows altruistic-minded PAs to share their expertise with the neediest patients without necessarily committing to a long-term career in one of these regions.

If you are a PA currently considering a locum tenens position, contact a Health Carousel Locum Tenens professional to discuss your next steps.