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March 11, 2020
June 24, 2022

The new coronavirus is causing global concern. People are unsure how quickly it will spread, how well our country will prepare for it, and how it will affect them. When there is widespread concern over hospital capacity and physician shortages, especially in times of unexpected needs, locum tenens providers can step in to alleviate some of the issues.

Solve Patient Volume Issues

When unexpected needs arise, locums providers offer extra support so staff can make sure each patient receives a medical evaluation in a timely manner. Triaging and treating patients quickly and effectively keeps waiting rooms from becoming overcrowded, which can increase the risk of health and safety issues and cause many patients to feel anxious and overwhelmed. Locum tenens providers are able to make the experience better for both patients and staff by decreasing wait times while taking some of the patient load off of permanent physicians.

Prevent Burnout

When patients need round-the-clock care, it's easy for staff to become exhausted and overwhelmed while trying to take care of heavy patient loads. Locum tenens providers are able to relieve doctors from long shifts to prevent burnout and decrease the risk of medical errors made by overworked physicians. Locum tenens providers can travel anywhere in the United States to assist staff during times of need and make sure your facility operates smoothly while keeping the mental health of your employees a top priority.

Increase Quality of Care

Physicians should always provide quality care to every patient they treat, no matter how busy they are. After all, patient satisfaction still matters even when unexpected situations arise. Using locum tenens providers to make sure the facility is acceptably staffed means patients receive the care they deserve - care that is rooted in compassion, comfort, and bedside manner - so unexpected events don't diminish the quality of treatment.

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