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September 17, 2013
July 5, 2022

As a locum tenens provider, traveling to a new location for an assignment should be fun, simple and easy, not stressful or hectic. That's why Health Carousel Locum Tenens goes above and beyond for our providers' travel arrangements, to ensure they enjoy their locum tenens experience from the moment they arrive at the airport until the moment they are back home! With these 4 simple travel tips, we hope you can sit back, relax and enjoy your assignment.

1. Flights: Checking in online to your flight before arriving at the airport is the easiest way to avoid long lines and any hassles at the terminal kiosk. You will want to check the status of your flight before leaving for the airport for possible delays.  You can have these alerts sent directly to your cell phone by selecting this option while checking in online for your flight.  Upon arriving at the airport and before going through the security line, be sure to have your photo ID and boarding pass readily available. Preparing and storing your liquid carry-on items, wearing easy to remove and replace shoes, and having your laptop easily accessible will also speed you through the security lines. Another option is becoming a "trusted traveler".

Trusted Traveler Programs (i.e. Clear Card) provide expedited travel for pre-approved, low risk travelers through dedicated lanes and kiosks.

2. Rental Cars: When you arrive at the car rental counter, present your confirmation number allowing the agent to find your reservation and get you started with the rental process. Please note that all car rental companies require a valid driver's license.  Typically, your car rental agency will try and up-sell you on additional insurance coverage and other options.

When traveling with Health Carousel Locum Tenens MD, you don't need to worry about purchasing additional insurance or any of the extras as we have already taken care of this for you. In addition, it's good to fill up your rental car with gas before returning it to avoid the high costs rental agency's charge when you return the car with an empty tank.

3. Hotels:  Upon arriving at the hotel, present your reservation number to the front desk clerk. They will be able to locate your reservation with this number. A credit card will be required at check-in, but only for incidentals since Health Carousel Locum Tenens MD will have already arranged for payment of the room and tax. Sleeping in a noisy hotel room can ruin an experience and make for a long, hard next day.  You can minimize some of these noises by wearing earplugs, turning on the fan, creating white noise or muffling hallway sounds with a towel under the door. If you are very sensitive, you may wish to request a room on the top floor, away from the elevators. If all fails, your solution is just one call away!  Call your Health Carousel Locum Tenens MD representative and we will work on a solution for you. A good night's rest is a must!

4. Healthy Eating: Eating healthy while traveling or on a long term assignment away from home can be challenging. Here are a few tips on how to continue to eat healthy on the road or from your hotel room. Stock your hotel room with bottled water, fresh fruit and healthy snacks. If the location where you are working has an extended stay hotel program, they often provide a small kitchenette so you can prepare your own meals each morning and night. Having a stove, microwave and refrigerator readily available will allow you to prepare healthy meals and avoid picking up fast food. Although fast food options seem quick and easy, especially while traveling, these kinds of meals are often high in fat and calories. Remember to eat breakfast! Many hotels will offer a complimentary breakfast so it's easy to pick up an apple or an orange on your way out the door.

In summary, keep in mind that regardless the challenge while traveling, with Health Carousel Locum Tenens you are in good hands!  Be sure to alert your representative about any concerns so we may make your traveling experience smooth, comfortable and enjoyable!


Article written by:

Beth Carlock

Logistics Team Lead, Health Carousel Locum Tenens