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September 28, 2017
June 30, 2022

Locum tenens physicians provide high-quality care to patients in locations in dire need of healthcare professionals. One such population includes the 567 American Indian and Alaska Native tribes served by the Indian Health Service (IHS). Providers in any stage of their career looking for a change of scenery can benefit from helping an under-served American population.

Here we dive into some of the top reasons physicians should consider taking a locum tenens position with the IHS.

1. Gateway to experience different cultures.

Providing care to members of the American Indian and Alaska Native tribes offers a physician a unique insight into this population's rich culture and history. Working in a clinic that serves just one or two tribes immerses the physician in the lives of the tribal members. A locum tenens position with the IHS could offer a provider the opportunity to experience the unique cultures of different tribes during his or her time there.

2. Serve the under-served.

It's no secret that American Indians and Alaska Natives experience significant health disparities. According to the Health Disparities fact sheet on IHS.gov, the number of AI/AN individuals whose deaths are caused by diabetes outnumbers all other races combined 3:1 (per 100,000 population). This same fact sheet reports that AI/AN deaths caused by cirrhosis/chronic liver disease is 4.8:1. A multitude of causes could be responsible for this health disparity, one of which is certainly limited access to healthcare.

3. Explore new, unique locations in U.S.

As a locum tenens provider with the Indian Health Service, physicians can take advantage of the opportunity to see new, beautiful sites. IHS facilities exist as far north as Alaska and as far south as Arizona. The map on the IHS website shows the varied locations of facilities throughout the country. Opportunities exist in many different climates and environments.

4. Competitive compensation.

The Indian Health Service is working to improve the lives of American Indians and Alaska Natives by increasing the number of providers available to this population by employing locum tenens physicians. Through Health Carousel Locum Tenens, competitive compensation packages are available to make a locum tenens post with the IHS a lucrative career option. Our dedicated team of recruiters will provide more information about compensation, travel, and lodging options.

5. Potential CV builder.

While this country will always need healthcare providers, a physician's chosen specialty and location can have significant effects on job opportunities. The most prestigious and lucrative positions are exceedingly competitive. Physicians directly out of residency can agree to serve in rural and/or low-income areas like those served by the IHS to elevate their resume. Providing care to an under-served population can be challenging, but the skills and knowledge gained in these situations translate to valuable career experience.

Ready to learn more about available locum tenens positions with the Indian Health Service? Contact a Health Carousel Locum Tenens recruiter today to get started.