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May 20, 2019
June 27, 2022

 Locum Tenens Trends: Part-Time vs. Full-Time

Whether you have completed a stint as a locum tenens (temporary) provider or merely pondered the possibility, you're most likely already familiar with the appeal of this unique line of work. When most people in the healthcare industry hear the words 'locum tenens," they think "part-time." Many physicians consider it to be an opportunity to supplement your income, and they're right! Locum tenens is a great way to make extra money by picking up a few weekend or call shifts outside of your regular work schedule. However, with the growing physician shortage crisis, more and more healthcare facilities across the country are turning to locum tenens agencies to help fill their gaps in coverage. As a result, the consistent growth in demand is creating new trends in the locum tenens staffing industry.

In the past, a locum tenens career may not have been viewed as the most conventional way to practice medicine full-time, but today the benefits are much greater than ever. Here are 5 reasons why many providers are turning to locum tenens as their primary income source:


1. Lucrative Compensation: The financial rewards of locum tenens work can be enormous. Many locum tenens assignments have a higher pay rate than a comparable permanent salary. Locum tenens doctors can expect to make 30-50% more than a permanent position, depending on specialty and location.


2. Create Your Own Schedule; If you are just entering the medical profession or looking to transition to a more flexible schedule, then you will find that locum tenens work is ideal for experiencing new opportunities in a variety of settings. This is a great way to travel and explore new cities while you enhance your skill sets. And when you are ready to settle down with a permanent position, you'll have the knowledge to make the best decision in finding a job that fits your lifestyle and career preferences.


3. Avoid Stressful Settings: Many physicians in permanent positions often find that the administrative responsibilities imposed by organizations to be almost too onerous to bear.  These daily demands breed cutthroat politics and create toxicity in the workplace. You may come across locum assignments with this type of environment; however, the difference between you and your fellow permanent colleagues is that you get to leave that stress behind and avoid ever returning.


4. Enhance Skill Sets: Although the medical community is fully committed to sharing best practices with colleagues, there is often no substitute for full immersion in a new professional setting. Through locum tenens work, these new experiences not only introduce you to new technologies and clinical processes, but they also expose you to a variety of innovative care techniques that will ultimately expand your professional expertise.


5. Prevent Burnout: Unfortunately, an enormous number of medical providers experience burnout.  If you can continue practicing medicine without loss of fervor, you are one of a handful. Locum tenens providers can easily enjoy a change of scenery or explore a new medical setting at their request. Additionally, a full-service agency will provide malpractice coverage and handle all the time-consuming paperwork that comes with each job, including credentialing and licensing services.

A great locum tenens staffing firm will make the process seamless so you can simply focus on practicing medicine.