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February 3, 2020
March 14, 2023

Maybe you're a doctor looking for something new. You've been in the same hospital, walking the same halls for years and now you want to travel. Or maybe you're a recent graduate, looking for new opportunities and adventure. Locum tenens work is an ideal way to pay down student debt, while finding the best location and practice path for your career.

No matter what the reason or goals, once you've decided to test the waters of locum tenens employment, you're faced with an equally dizzying array of options. According to NALTO, the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations, there are nearly 100 available agencies.

So, how do you pick the top locum tenens agency? What criteria finds the right fit for you? Not to worry, we've got tips that will clear up the confusion from your options.

How to Determine the Top Locum Tenens Agency

While everyone has slightly different priorities and requirements, there are common factors you should consider as you evaluate your options.

  • Alignment: Consider who the agencies partners with. Do they work with the facilities that align with your area of interest and expertise? Will they be able to get you the positions and experiences you need? How have they helped similar doctors? Can they provide referrals? Are they a member of NALTO, which means they adhere to a strong ethical code?
  • Services: At a minimum, the agency should offer malpractice insurance. After that, look at what else they offer. Do they help with travel and living arrangements? Can they handle credentialing? (Often, the most stressful part of preparing for an assignment.) Do they expect you to do it all alone, or does a team manage the hassles, so you can focus on patient care?
  • Coverage: Small, local agencies have their benefits, but consider your goals. Does the agency have the reach and necessary relationships? Are they big enough to help you meet your goals, or will you be stuck recycling through short-term local positions?
  • Pay: As you start investigating options, you may discover a wide disparity in pay. Simply put, some agencies offer less for your services. Don't sell yourself short. Set a reasonable pay requirement and work with the locum tenens agency to meet it.
  • Culture: The values and culture of the agency is where many locum tenens professionals find problems. Is the agency going to be a good partner for you? It can be the difference between a forgettable, even painful job and lifelong fulfillment.

Starting your Locum Tenens Search

Selecting a locum tenens company is a critical step in starting a new career, so it's important to make the right decision. Consider what makes an agency, any agency, a top locum tenens company. For Health Carousel Locum Tenens, one of the best locum tenens companies in the market, it's the feedback they've received. In a recent survey of providers, 9 out of 10 providers preferred Health Carousel Locum Tenens over their other options.

According to one provider, a Nurse Practitioner, "The honesty and responsiveness (of Health Carousel Locum Tenens) is the best I've encountered. I enjoyed interacting with all the staff at Health Carousel Locum Tenens. They are friendly and helpful, and truly exceptional at their jobs."

Another physician offered, "My overall experience with Health Carousel Locum Tenens has been excellent. All personnel have been easy to work with. Health Carousel Locum Tenens makes me feel like I am a valuable member of the team."

Feedback like this, from providers managing a situation similar to yours, provides critical insight into the company you'll soon be working with.

If you're ready to learn more about one of the best locum tenens companies in the country, then contact Health Carousel Locum Tenens today to speak with a representative about your background, goals, and experience.