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June 12, 2020
June 23, 2022

As the need for physicians and specialized healthcare providers increases across the country, more and more healthcare practices and facilities are turning to locum tenens. For locum tenens providers, it is a great option to explore new career advantages and focus on patient care rather than administrative work. This is all the while adding variety to their career, working with new people, and discovering fresh locations.

As exciting as travel can be, it can also be challenging when you need to balance family obligations. Not to worry. Many physicians have leveraged locum tenens into the life they wanted, escaping positions that didn't meet their needs. We've collected some of the top tips on traveling to capitalize on the benefits and minimize the stress of traveling with family and pets.

Tips for Traveling with Family and Pets as a Locum Tenens Provider 

Traveling doesn't have to be lonely. The suggestions below will help everyone make the most of the experience.

Communicate your Plans Early

If you can, let your recruiter know your plans for family and pets as soon as possible. This gives them time to find the best assignment location for everyone. Some locations are a little more family-friendly, ensuring the position is exciting for both you and your family. Your recruiter and their team can also help you find pet-friendly housing, helping make the assignment an easier and more enjoyable transition.

Consider your Family's Schedule

You can plan around schedules thanks to the freedom and flexibility offered by locum tenens. Set a work schedule that works not only for you but for your family. Pick up assignments during the summer or holidays when kids aren't in school. Work around the timetables and sabbaticals of your partner or spouse.

Prepare for the New Location

Traveling to a new city or location can be exciting and intimidating. Having a job or new friends can reduce the intimidation factor. Take time to help your family find a social activity or job. Check online or ask around about hobby groups or enthusiasts that you can join. Or consider short-time, flexible work that also helps your family learn about the city – like a driver for rideshare services like Uber or Lyft. Plan ahead and involve your family to ensure expected opportunities.

Spend Time Together

Many can find a new home overwhelming. It's easy to get wrapped up in new activities and soon discover the family is spending less time together. Schedule time to explore and go on adventures on your days off. This can be not only a fun family-bonding activity that makes lifelong memories, but a great way to see everything your new location has to offer.

Pets are Family, Too!

Traveling with pets requires preparation. For safety, some pets may need to be crated or contained in the vehicle. Take steps to make your pet comfortable during travel. Put their bed in the car and leave them a favorite toy for the car ride. Make sure you give them food and water during the trip, and they may need restroom breaks just like you do. A little bit of planning can reduce your pet's travel anxiety.

Prepare your Pet for Travel

Schedule a physical for your pet before traveling long distances by plane or car. Many rental properties will require proof of vaccines for a pet. If your pet requires prescription medication, make sure you get this from your vet as well. You can also talk to the vet about any medications they can provide to help reduce pet stress levels and anxiety when traveling.  

Are you Ready for a Career in Locum Tenens?

A family, even a furry family, should share in the enjoyment from exploring the options and opportunities available in locum tenens. With a little planning and prep work, your new career can be as exciting for your family as it is for you.

Want to learn more about locum tenens? Schedule time to discuss your options with a recruiter.