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August 12, 2014
July 5, 2022

Health Carousel Locum Tenens' strong commitment to our E.L.I.T.E. core values gets under way from the moment you call in. Whether you are a Client seeking a Provider or a Provider seeking more information, our tenured Receptionists are here to help. No matter how big or small, your questions are important to us and their goal is to immediately connect you to the right person or department so that you can find the answers you are looking for. The Operations staff has over 60 years of combined experience with Locum Tenens. While some Clients and Providers will only speak to Account Managers, Recruiters and Client Sales Representatives, there is an entire staff of helpful people in the background on every assignment.

The QA Team handles the vast amount of paperwork and documents that come through Health Carousel Locum Tenens associated with credentialing and privileging for all of our Providers. The intricacies of Health Carousel Locum Tenens' policies, State regulations, hospital bylaws and Federal guidelines require dealing with an extensive amount of data. They effectively communicate with internal staff, Clients and Providers every day regarding all of their specific needs.  Their expertise minimizes the hassle of paperwork for everyone.

While the Logistics Team makes providing confirmation letters, arranging travel details, and processing timecards for payment look easy, there are a lot of details to manage. Will the Client require special hours to be covered on the confirmation letter? Has the Provider requested unique travel arrangements? Does anyone have questions on the timesheet? This team can make sure that all the details and many others are implemented correctly. They strive to resolve potential dilemmas and allay anxieties that may accompany taking on a Locums assignment.

The Licensing Team is responsible for licensing MD, DO, CRNA, PA and NP in all 50 states. They manage and track every verification, application and fee that is required through State and/or Federal licensing entity. On average, the Licensing Team will request 15 verifications per provider, plus references and various other documentation required by each entity. They know exactly what to do to obtain licensure and minimize frustrations. Health Carousel Locum Tenens' Licensing Team has even been known to shorten the time it takes to obtain licensure by weeks due to their relationships with the Boards and knowledge of the process.

Every Locum Tenens assignment is made up of hundreds of little details and Health Carousel Locum Tenens ensures that all goes smoothly for our Clients and for our Providers. These various "back of the house" Teams track, obtain and care for each and every specific detail with a dedication that is unmatched.

There is only one question they ask: "How can we help you?"


Article written by:  
Dorcas Johnson
Administrative Services Coordinator, Health Carousel Locum Tenens