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September 18, 2020
June 16, 2022

If you love watching trees change colors, the smell of bonfires, or watching football games, consider taking your next assignment in one of these best fall destinations for locum tenens providers. 


One of the best states to visit in the fall is Pennsylvania. The Keystone State has beautiful fall foliage and gorgeous parks to stroll through, including Ricketts Glenn State Park, which has a trail with 21 waterfalls

If you are not an outdoorsy person, Pennsylvania also has American history. Philadelphia has the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and if you are a civil war buff, make sure to stop in Gettysburgh. Of course, there is Hershey, Pennsylvania, which is a must-stop destination for delicious chocolate treats. Are you interested in working in Pennsylvania? Browse jobs here. 



Indiana is a sports lover's dream. The Hoosier state has professional football and basketball teams, division 1 colleges, and competitive high school athletics. Locals look forward to fall football season every year, whether it's watching the Indianapolis Colts, Notre Dame, or a high school game. 

Indiana is also home to beautiful state parks like Brown County State Park, which is about an hour south of Indianapolis. If you head north toward Michigan, there is the Indiana Dunes State Park located on Lake Michigan. 

Besides athletics and gorgeous scenery, Indiana is ranked as a great state for physicians due to salary, opportunity, and cost of living. Browse jobs in Indiana


Another fall destination for locum tenens providers is Oklahoma. Like Indiana, Oklahoma is ranked highly for pay. But, what makes it a great fall destination is the fact that there are 14 fall foliage routes that you can drive through. This is a perfect fall adventure to take this year while practicing social distancing. Here are some jobs available in Oklahoma. 


Are you looking to spend the fall season in a milder climate? California is the fall destination for you. You can still enjoy the beaches in the south into the fall season, and by then, most of the tourists have gone home, so the beaches are less crowded. If your locum tenens assignment lasts beyond October, you can enjoy ski resorts that start opening in early November. Besides outdoor activities, California has great cities to explore that offer tons of art and entertainment, delicious food, and world-class attractions. Browse California jobs


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