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June 6, 2017
March 8, 2023
Healthcare Professionals

If you're new to Locum Tenens work, it may be hard for you to separate fact from fiction. Don't let the myths about Locum Tenens keep you from discovering the work's many benefits.

Locum Tenens work is a rewarding vocation that provides many benefits to both medical professionals, healthcare organizations, and ultimately the patients. Sometimes, however, the myths surrounding Locum Tenens dissuades physicians from participating in the work. Let's take a closer look at the truths and debunk the myths surrounding the Locum Tenens professional.

Myth: Locum Tenens is only for physicians who cannot obtain other work.

Truth: Locum Tenens positions are attractive and available as a viable option for all types of physicians including solo practice professionals, physicians who recently completed medical residency, salaried physicians, and even retired physicians. Locum Tenens work is appealing to a wide variety of individuals because of the numerous benefits. These benefits include but are not limited to: Competitive pay; Opportunities for experience in multiple fields and multiple locations; Flexibility; and enhanced work-life balance; Meeting and interacting with new people; and Unique and diverse work experiences

Myth: Locum Tenens work schedules are too random and irregular.

Truth: Locum Tenens physicians work directly with a National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations (NALTO) member. These members' help physicians facilitate a schedule that fits their desired lifestyles.

Myth: Locum Tenens experience makes physicians less desirable to healthcare organizations.

Truth: Participating in Locum Tenens work gives physicians unique and diverse work experience that is highly sought after from medical professions and in the medical institutions. Furthermore, physicians can tailor their Locum Tenens assignments to fill in any gaps in their credentials and to beef up desired credentials.

Myth: Physicians can't afford to live off of Locum Tenens work alone.

Truth: Locum Tenens is more than just covering for physicians on vacation or who have taken temporary leaves of absence. Many healthcare organizations use Locum Tenens physicians regularly and the demand for these positions will only increase as the physician shortage continues. Additionally, countless physicians have built successful, enjoyable, and profitable careers by participating solely in Locum Tenens work. Locum Tenens are regularly compensated at a higher pay rate than their fellow staff physicians.

Myth: Locum Tenens physicians deal with too much red tape.

Truth: NALTO members are available to help with more than just schedule creation. NALTO members will also ensure that any paperwork is properly completed, tracked, and filed. Thus, Locum Tenens physicians typically deal with less logistical issues than their traditional counterparts.

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