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July 22, 2020
June 22, 2022

Many physicians are looking for ways to supplement income, especially if their practice is experiencing less patient volume and lower revenue due to COVID-19. Medscape recently released their annual physician compensation report, which includes the top 10 highest paying states for physicians. If you are looking for ways to earn more during these unprecedented times, consider locum or permanent jobs in these high-paying states:


From horse racing to bourbon tasting, Kentucky has something for everyone, including higher salaries for doctors. According to the report by Medscape, doctors can earn an average of $346,000 working in the bluegrass state. Browse jobs in Kentucky.


This state has everything from country music and gorgeous rolling hills, to delicious southern cooking and professional sports teams. It also has an annual physician salary of $338,000 per year, making it the second-highest paying state for doctors. If you think Tennessee sounds like the place to be, view open jobs here.


Do you love sunshine and palm trees, as well as the chance to earn the third-highest average physician salary? Check out available positions in the sunshine state.


Alabama is known for its sweet tea, southern hospitality, and football (Roll Tide). There is also the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, which is a top attraction for tourists, and plenty of parks to explore if you prefer to be out in nature. The average annual salary for doctors in Alabama is $332,000.  Browse jobs in Alabama.


New to Medscape's compensation report list is Utah. This state is perfect for those who love the outdoors or enjoy beautiful views of the mountains. Utah also offers some of the best skiing spots in the United States, which is a perfect way to relax outside of the office. Check out available jobs.


The Buckeye State is another new addition to the compensation report, with a $326,000 average annual income for physicians. From the shores of Lake Erie to the riverfront in Downtown Cincinnati, there is more to Ohio than football. Ohio has some of the best amusement parks in the country, professional sports teams, and plenty of places to hike.

Other high-paying states on the list include Oklahoma, Indiana, North Carolina, and Georgia, each paying an annual physician salary between $323,000 - $326,000.

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