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January 10, 2018
June 29, 2022

It is easy to believe that depression and burnout are constant threats to doctors. Especially with the immense pressure and responsibilities put on their shoulders. Studies have estimated that more than 10% of male physicians and nearly 20% of female physicians are depressed. Performance-based compensation pushes physicians to work longer hours. Throw in crippling student loan debt, and those feelings heighten. How can doctors combat physician burnout? Hope may come in the form of a less common career choice - locum tenens jobs.

Locum Tenens Jobs Can Help You Recharge

Depending on your facility, you may have more responsibilities than caring for patients. Research, committees, teaching can be draining and contribute to burnout. As a locum provider, your responsibilities outside of providing excellent medical care to your patients will likely be minimal. Being able to focus on medicine can recharge your body and remind you why you followed the medical path.

Locums have more bargaining power to create a schedule that works for them. Collaboration with your Health Carousel Locum Tenens recruiter will create a contract that ensures you work only when you want to. No more being at the mercy of those who pay your salary. As a travel physician, you are filling critical staffing needs. A more manageable and flexible workload will provide better work-life balance.

Changes In Scenery Often Carry Major Benefits

As a locum tenens provider, you can take assignments in exciting locales to combat burnout. Your recruiter will help match you with facilities that benefit you. After some time, if the feelings of burnout creep back in, move onto the next destination. A new facility, new patient population, new colleagues, and new sight-seeing opportunities. Pick a hospital near the beach if you dream of spending days off on the water. A rural clinic tenens position, or even an IHS job, can get you back to nature with hiking and camping. Want to partake in the big-city life? Many urban facilities need locum tenens physicians to fill staffing needs. Opportunities for travel are nearly endless as a locum tenens physician.

Regardless of your motivations to seek a change in career path, locum tenens medicine can provide a multitude of benefits. Gain valuable experience, build your resume, and network with providers across the country with each new locum tenens contract you sign. If you find yourself battling physician burnout, you are not alone. Speak with a locum tenens recruiter today to take control of your career and make the change to a more flexible and rewarding career path.