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October 4, 2019
June 27, 2022

Often, the last step in the locum tenens hiring process is the interview. This is your opportunity to interview the company or recruiter as much as they are interviewing you.  Each side is trying to not only determine if the opportunity is the right one, but also if the recruiter/provider relationship works for the locum tenens company and the healthcare system.

There is a science to interviews and a formula to help increase your chances of success. Below are the steps you can take to ensure a productive (and happy) relationship between you, the recruiter, and the healthcare system.

Be prepared

Research, review, and recognize.  Do your research on the locum tenens staffing company and about the locum tenens world. Companies will want to know what you find interesting about them and the position. Check out their website, social presence (including LinkedIn), and what employees are saying about them (including review companies like Glassdoor).

Locum tenens interviews tend to be more in-depth than in-person interviews with healthcare systems. The locum tenens recruiter not only needs to quickly assess your skills, they are also looking at your comfort level, values, working styles, dedication, and personality. The recruiter must determine if you are a good fit for the locum tenens staffing agency and if you would work well with current healthcare clients. A little research can help you answer the questions you may not be expecting.

In the busy world of healthcare, it's sometimes hard to whittle out quiet moments. Carve out time and a quiet location for your phone interview. Do not multi-task. Lack of concentration can be viewed as apathy, which will quickly sink an interview.

Be Honest

Before your interview, determine what are your "would-likes", "must-haves", and "absolutely-nots" for your next location and position. Set your own requirements and expectations. Be honest and open about your job preferences and deal breakers. This will reinforce your job dedication, and it's the best way to ensure you are placed in your ideal job.

Be open about your skills and limitations. Give honest answers to these possible interview questions:

  • What's your ideal team structure?
  • What is your least favorite position and why?
  • Describe your last position. What did you excel at and why?
  • How do you handle conflict?

Be Yourself

Your interview is not only an opportunity to showcase your skills and talent, and set your expectations, but also to get to know your recruiter. Think of them as your partner for success in the locum tenens system.

Be prepared to speak about what interests you about locum tenens positions. Be specific about what you are looking for in your next job and what you expect from the recruiter.

  • Are there certain areas (locations they serve) or specialties that you are interested in?
  • What makes you unique? This should include any industry recognition, specialty procedures, or research accomplishments/goals.
  • What kind of relationship are you looking for with the locum tenens recruiter and the healthcare system?

Build a relationship with your recruiter. Not only will a memorable, professional interview set you apart from other providers, it will help the recruiter accurately match you with a healthcare administrator/system.

Be Open

For many healthcare providers, a locum tenens interview is only the first step on an exciting new path. It can open up new opportunities, and bring the excitement and fulfillment back to a career that was sputtering. That requires an open mind to new opportunities.

Want to know more about how locum tenens can help you and your career? Contact a recruiter today.