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May 28, 2020
June 23, 2022

A Closer Look at Locum Tenens Assignments

With the rising demand for physicians and specialized medical providers, facilities are facing challenges ensuring coverage. Recruitment can be both expensive and time-consuming, which is why more and more networks are turning to locum tenens.

A key benefit of a locum tenens assignment is flexibility. Healthcare systems can minimize risk and downtime by collaborating with trusted locum tenens companies. And for physicians, there is power in the ability to choose the specialty, length of the assignment, and location. It gives you more autonomy in both your professional and personal life.

The wealth of choices can be confusing at first. Let's take a look at the different types of locum tenens assignments and what they mean for you as a physician or specialist.

The 3 Types of Locum Tenens Assignments

While every facility and assignment are different, most locum tenens assignments fall under a specific assignment group.  They cover shorter assignment options, as well as longer-term and more consistent options.

What are Locum Tempus Assignments?

Shorter assignments provide freedom to move to another challenge and location. Locum tempus are assignments where the provider will temporarily fill in for another physician or specialist who is out for a short time – on sick leave or vacation. A locum tempus placement can be as short as a few days, to as long as several months. Many providers who are new locum tenens will start with a locum tempus assignment to explore their options and see if locum tenens is what they are looking for in their life.  

Locum Seriate Assignments

Want something with a little more stability? A locum seriate placement consists of part-time or full-time schedule on a long-term, continual basis. It covers consistent needs at a facility and can last for as many days and/or weeks as the physician or specialist would like. Many locum tenens physicians will use a locum seriate assignment for an in-depth evaluation of a position or facility, or to bridge the gap between long-term or permanent position.

Locum Permanent Assignments

Are you looking for a long-term, even permanent, position at a facility? With a locum permanent assignment, the physician or specialist is a full-time employee of a healthcare facility or practice. The work is ongoing and steady. Providers will often move into a locum permanent assignment after starting in a locum tempus or locum seriate assignment. Once they find the right fit, it's an easy move into a facility that meets their needs and expectations.

Starting a New Life with Locum Tenens

The first step is determining what you are looking for in locum tenens. Your ability to find the right assignment requires identifying your goals and needs. Working with a recruiter can help you match your expectations with the needs of the facility.


Ready to start a locum tenens assignment? Contact a recruiter today!