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July 2, 2020
June 22, 2022

What Should a Locum Tenens CV Include?

A good locum tenens CV highlights your past and present experience while setting you apart from other candidates applying to the same position. Below is a list of everything a good locum tenens CV should include. 


Contact Information

Besides standard contact information (like first name, last name, and phone number), you can add helpful information like the best days and times to reach you so do not have to field calls during inconvenient moments.  


Here you should include the college/university you attended, as well as the degree you earned. Remember to add the dates you attended as well. 

Licenses and Certifications

List all active licensure and certifications. If you know your license number and expiration date, include it to make it easier for your information to be verified by credentialing teams. After all, the quicker your information can be verified, the sooner you will be ready for an assignment. 

Graduate Medical Training

List all internships, residency programs, or fellowships you completed. Remember to include the name of the facility/training program, and dates attended. 

Professional Experience

Provide a list of your professional experience chronologically starting from your most recent experience. It may be hard to remember the exact dates of your professional experience, but do your best to estimate. If there are any gaps in employment make sure to address them.

Honors and Awards / Publications and Presentations /Memberships and Associations

Here is where you can highlight what sets you apart from other candidates. Include professional honors and awards you received. If you are starting locum tenens fresh out of residency, you can include honors and awards received during medical school through residency. Add publications and presentations you are featured in and memberships and associations you belong to. 


You should have at least two professional references. Include their contact information as well as their profession and place of work. Most jobs require references, and you can speed up your application process by including them on your CV. However, another option is to provide references upon request.

Free Templates 

Ready to perfect your locums CV? Download a free template below. 

Word Template: allows for editing. (Best if opened on desktop)

PDF Template: does not allow edits. (Mobile friendly)


Once you have your CV ready, contact a recruiter to find the perfect assignment.