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January 3, 2019
June 28, 2022

There is power in using locum tenens providers. They elevate health care organizations' reputations, save money, and cover full or part-time positions that are critical to your day-to-day operations. But just like any staffing hire, they must be the right fit for your facility. Not to worry. Here are a few insider tips and suggestions to help you select your ideal locum tenens provider.

Be Specific About Your Expectations

Don't waste time or money. Set up for success by clearly understanding and defining your position expectations before you begin work with the provider or the locum tenens account manager. Consider the following points:

Where and when do you need coverage? There are many factors that will make a position appealing to both employers and employees, including growth potential and clear timelines. Outline the specific contract length, scope of services, and type of programs. Make sure the locum tenens provider can meet your needs effectively and efficiently.

What certifications or skills does the provider need? Quality locum tenens partner companies have a large stable of candidates. Depending on the necessary certifications, a physician may be essential, or you can receive quality care from a skilled advanced practitioner. List out the requirements for the position so the account manager can present the right candidates to you.

What procedures (if any) are necessary? Establish a must-have and a would-like to have list of skills necessary to complete the assignment. This will not only help the locum tenens partner company send the best candidates, but it will also determine baseline interview questions for all candidates.

What does the day-to-day look like? Connecting the correct candidate with the needs of the position will benefit your team and patients. Include daily needs like patient volume, schedules, and requirements like EMR specifications.

Is there a specific personality fit you need at your facility? Meshing with current staff and the corporate culture will ensure not only expectations will be met, but happy employees mean improved patient and safety benefits. Discuss the corporate culture with your locum tenens account partner to determine the fit.

Be Open to Alternative Solutions

The right locum tenens provider might be slightly different than what you had initially envisioned. Once you determine your expectations, the locum tenens account manager can be a valuable resource in finding and customizing your solution. Consider the following questions:

Instead of a full-time position, are you also open to two part-time providers? Flexibility will give you more room in scheduling and salary caps.

Could an NP or PA function in this role? Does the role demand a physician, or can it be filled by a qualified nurse practitioner or physician's assistant?

Could you hire a locum tenens provider just for call shifts? Adaptable scheduling is one of the hallmarks of locum tenens care. Save valuable resources by utilizing staffing only when necessary.

Provide Ample Feedback and Communication on your Locum Tenens provider

Finding the right locum tenens provider is a partnership between your health care organization and the account manager. Communication throughout the process is key to ensuring you find the correct fit for your needs and optimizing your locum tenens resources.

Communicate post-interview on likes/dislike of candidates interviewed. Do you need someone with more experience or in a different specialty? Tell your account manager and share feedback.

Communicate onboarding needs. Not only will this help with the selection process, but it will also decrease the training time and keep the focus on patient care.

Communicate scheduling changes and any new needs that may arise. The locum tenens provider company is your partner. Keep them updated with the latest information.

Quality locum tenens resources can eliminate many of the problems facing healthcare providers and improve overall patient care. Contact Health Carousel Locum Tenens today to learn more.