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January 9, 2023

One of the most significant benefits you will notice when working as a locum tenens Hospitalist is the increased earning potential. Working locum tenens jobs as a Hospitalist can give you more control over the shifts you work and the income you earn. A Physician can look for locum tenens positions at any medical practice hiring in a state where they are licensed, which creates many opportunities for those willing to travel.

If you are looking for Hospitalist jobs with good pay rates, it is worth your time to explore options outside of the state where you are currently licensed to practice medicine.

The idea of getting licensed in another state without the guarantee of a position could sound tedious to some, but it can actually be quite simple. The licensing process in some states is indeed time-consuming and labor-intensive. However, the Interstate Medical License Compact (IMLC) has expedited licensure processes in several states throughout the country.

What Is An IMLC License?

The IMLC is an agreement between multiple states to honor medical licenses obtained in states that are a part of the Compact. Rather than dealing with obtaining multiple state licenses to work in medical practices across the country, an IMLC license can be used as your primary license.

The IMLC allows for an expedited licensure process so you can quickly get your license as a Hospitalist in more than one state. States can choose to become part of the IMLC and honor unrestricted medical licenses procured through the Compact. Twenty-nine states are currently part of the IMLC, with more states working to become part of it. The process of a state joining the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact involves passing introduced legislation at the state level.

Getting an IMLC letter will expand your earning potential because it allows you to explore Hospitalist jobs at medical practices across state lines. For example, you live near a state line and the next state over is part of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact. In that case, you can search for locum tenens Hospitalist positions in both states when you have an IMLC letter.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting An Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Letter?

Should I get the IMLC? The answer to that question depends on what you want for your career and compensation. Learning the benefits of getting an IMLC letter will help you determine if you should go forward with the process of getting licensed as a Hospitalist in multiple states.

Flexibility In Your Career

Getting an IMLC letter will give you more flexibility and options for finding Hospitalist jobs. Your possibilities expand exponentially if you are not bound to one particular state or area. You can look for locum tenens Hospitalist positions that fit your desired work schedule and provide you with competitive pay. If you are willing to work as a Nocturnist, over weekends, or shifts that are typically difficult to fill, your earning potential will increase significantly. The IMLC letter makes it easier to find positions that align with your needs, schedule, and earnings.

Broader Earning Potential

You can focus on finding hospitalist jobs with good pay rates instead of settling for the going rate in one particular area. For example, some areas of the country pay higher rates for Hospitalists based on supply and demand, patient census, and physician turnover. The IMLC allows you to seek out those higher-paying positions without going through a long, drawn-out principal licensure process for each state.

Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Letter Qualifications

Getting an Interstate Medical Licensure Compact letter is much easier than getting a traditional state license. The IMLC expedites the process of getting licensed to practice medicine in multiple states.

In the past, getting licensed in more than one state meant submitting multiple applications and communicating with each state's medical board in which you sought licensing. The IMLC allows you to apply for licensing in multiple states with one application and also allows for streamlined communication. As long as you meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply for licensure in any state that is part of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact.

As stated by the IMLC Commission, there are two eligibility requirements for IMCL licenses:

  • State Of Principal License (SPL) Eligibility Requirements

To meet these requirements, you must:

  • Have a full, unrestricted medical license in a state that is a member of the Compact

Also, you must meet at least ONE of the following requirements:

  • Your primary residence is in the State of Principal License (SPL)
  • At least one-fourth of your practice of medicine occurs in the SPL
  • Your employer is located in the SPL
  • You use the SPL as your state of residence for U.S. Federal Income Tax purposes
  • General Eligibility Requirements

In addition to having basic SPL status, there are several General Eligibility requirements. You must:

  • Have graduated from an accredited medical school or a school listed in the International Medical Education Directory
  • Have successfully completed ACGME- or AOA-accredited graduate medical education
  • Have passed each component of the USMLE, COMLEX-USA, or equivalent in no more than three attempts for each component
  • Hold a current specialty certification or time-unlimited certification by an ABMS or AOABOS board
  • Have no history of disciplinary actions toward your medical license
  • Have no criminal history
  • Have no history of controlled substance actions toward your medical license
  • Not currently be under investigation

How To Apply For An IMLC Letter

Apply For A Letter Of Qualification On Your Own

Getting an IMLC letter on your own is less complicated and time-consuming than getting your initial medical license. However, the process will still require some of your time and attention. If you choose to apply on your own, you will need to learn how to navigate the IMLC application process and work to ensure that you correctly complete each step of the process.

Let A Locum Tenens Agency Handle Applying For A Letter Of Qualification

Instead of navigating the process of getting a Compact License letter, you can focus on your search for Hospitalist jobs with good pay rates by allowing a locum tenens agency to take care of the process on your behalf. Health Carousel Locum Tenens can help you with each step of getting your IMLC letter so you can start applying for Hospitalist jobs that match your goals.

Expand Your Options Through Locum Tenens Work

An IMLC letter opens up significantly more options for you to work locum tenens Hospitalist jobs. As a Hospitalist who works in locum tenens positions, you understand the flexibility and increased earning potential of this type of work. The IMLC provides even more flexibility and earning potential to the locum tenens model.

With an IMLC letter, you do not have to remain stuck in the state where you originally obtained your license or limit your search for work to a small area. You can look for Hospitalist jobs across state lines and base your search on what is best for your career and family. The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact can help you increase your pay because you are not limited by the going rate for Hospitalist jobs in your immediate area. An IMLC letter can also help you find a locum tenens position with a schedule that works for you.

The benefits of having an IMLC letter make it an option worth exploring for any Hospitalist who works locum tenens. With the IMLC, you can search for temporary Hospitalist positions in a much larger geographical area to maximize your options and earning potential. If you are ready to learn more about getting an IMLC letter, the Health Carousel Locum Tenens team can help.