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March 8, 2023
Healthcare Professionals

Everything About Pursuing Locum Tenens Assignments as a Gastroenterologist

Many Gastroenterologists are starting to explore the possibility of taking on locum tenens positions throughout the United States. These positions tend to be more flexible than traditional career options. Also, since they are so in-demand, they offer trained and qualified Gastroenterologists the potential to have a more active role in navigating and defining their own career path.

As an Internal Medicine Specialist, you should be able to exercise control over your career, take on Gastroenterology jobs that interest you, and design a schedule that works for your needs. Locum tenens work can help.

Today, we will explore the current demand within Gastroenterology, and show how locum tenens positions can help Gastroenterologists take advantage of the current market to build or maintain a meaningful and rewarding career path.

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Current demand for Gastroenterology jobs

As of early 2022, many Gastroenterology Specialists and other Internal Medicine Practitioners believe that there is an increasing inability to meet the current needs of the population.

There are a variety of reasons for this trend. The first is an aging population of Gastroenterologists. The second is a lack of increase in training positions for the Gastroenterology specialty, even as the population increases. This likely indicates an incoming shortage of qualified Specialists who can take on this work.

There are other factors influencing the Gastroenterology specialty, including a proliferation of blood and stool screening tests that have edged out colonoscopies as the screening tool of choice. Additionally, a lack of innovation in this field has made many Physicians less excited about the profession and eager to seek out another area of medicine with more long-term intellectual investment.

The possibility of locum tenens assignments for Gastroenterologists

With demand rising and 45% of the active population of Gastroenterologists aged 55 or older, there are several options available for Gastroenterologists who want to explore a career path beyond their current employment situation. Additionally, with some areas pausing elective surgeries, many hospitals and clinics are bracing for a flood of new GI cases once COVID-19 restrictions ease completely.

A locum tenens position offers a great work/life balance as a future job. You can choose your assignments and only take on roles in locations and facilities that interest you, whether it be weekend call or a long-term assignment. Locum tenens work is a wonderful option for a Gastroenterologist with an active state license looking to hone their skills, adjust their working hours to be more in line with their preferences, or find a role that offers a more desirable compensation package.

Who should take a locum tenens job in Gastroenterology?

With the demand for Gastroenterologists growing every year, the locum tenens opportunity for Gastroenterology specialists is massive. 

Locum tenens are ideal for retired Gastroenterologists, Physicians with full or partial availability who are looking to get more out of their current practice or hospital, or Gastroenterologists who simply want to pick up some extra work. Locum tenens income is often more competitive than a full-time practice and gives Physicians the ability to allot as much or as little time to their work as they choose.

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The benefits of locum tenens positions for Gastroenterologists

There are many benefits to exploring the locum tenens lifestyle as a Gastroenterologist. Here are some of the popular perks enjoyed by specialist Physicians who take on locum tenens positions.

Provides a work-life balance

The length of a Gastroenterology locum tenens contract varies widely. Sometimes, hospitals need to hire a GI Specialist to cover a few shifts, while other times a Gastroenterologist is brought on for a year or more while the clinic searches for someone to fill a permanent position. 

When you take on locum tenens jobs, you can choose how long you would like each contract to be, whether it be weekend call or otherwise. This flexibility allows you to build a schedule that works for you. It also offers you the choice to work in a variety of locations since locum tenens work has nationwide reach.

This schedule also tends to offer a better work/life balance than a full-time role. Since you choose your own schedule, it’s easier to take time off from work when you need it, as long as you commit to finishing up your placement.

Income to suit your needs

Taking locum tenens jobs allows Gastroenterologists the opportunity to seek out positions that suit their income needs. There are both full and part-time positions available, so you can take on as many or as few shifts as you like. Plus, a specialized locum tenens agency can help negotiate on your behalf to help secure your maximum compensation and reimbursements.

Keep your skills fresh

When you work in the same practice or facility for an extended period of time, you tend to see the same patients frequently. This is wonderful for Physicians looking to build a rapport with patients but can lead to them underutilizing their skills in certain areas.

Taking on a locum tenens opportunity in a new department, facility, or state is a great way to keep your skills fresh. Not only does locum tenens work allow you to work with an entirely new patient population, but you also get to expand your professional network and explore new ways of working that sharpen your skills. Locum tenens roles also offer a variety of practice settings, from urban hospitals treating complex illnesses and injuries to a rural reservation serving an underserved population to government positions.

Explore a Gastroenterology locum tenens role with Health Carousel Locum Tenens

Although there are many benefits for Gastroenterologists working in a locum tenens positions, it can feel overwhelming to continually be negotiating new contracts, searching for your next opportunity, and finding insurance on your own. That is where a dedicated locum tenens agency like Health Carousel Locum Tenens can help.

Our experts are always there to assist with professional development, job alerts, contract negotiation, a custom career plan, and anything else you may need to make your locum tenens opportunity a success. We can help you with the logistics of your locum tenens work including travel, housing, and insurance. 

Our special team focuses on Internal Medicine roles and is always there to advocate for you.

Want to learn more about us? Contact us today to get started.


Are locum tenens positions worth it?

  • A locum tenens opportunity has many benefits as a future job for Gastroenterologists and other medical professionals. The locum tenens lifestyle allows for a more flexible schedule, travel opportunities, and often comes with more competitive pay.

Does locum tenens pay more?

  • In general, a locum tenens opportunity pays more than a full-time practice. No matter if a Physician has full or partial availability, a locum tenens Gastroenterologist may earn as much as $30 per hour more.

Why do Physicians become locums?

  • Locum tenens jobs give Physicians more freedom to work on their own terms. Some may be retired Physicians looking for part-time work, practicing Physicians in need of a career change, or Physicians simply looking to earn extra income.