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March 15, 2023
Healthcare Professionals

There is never a bad time to stop and consider your current career options. Too many Radiologists get stuck in a rut of doing the same clinical tasks and serving the same patients, and aren't aware of what other options are out there. If you have been feeling stuck, now is a great time to start thinking about the possibility of taking on a locum tenens opportunity.

This career option offers Radiologists and other specialists a valuable opportunity to do the work they love while exercising more control over their schedule and routine. However, if you are a specialist who has never worked outside of a full-time position, the transition can be a bit intimidating.

Many Radiologists are concerned about finding jobs that will best match their skills. You may be uncertain when it comes to how to go about picking the right contract. Additionally, as a Radiologist, you will want to know specifics like the breakdown of modalities you will need to cover and how many films you will be expected to read each day.

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Answering your "frequently asked questions" about locum Radiologist jobs

Fortunately, there are locum tenens specialists out there that can speak to these concerns and answer all your frequently asked questions about this career choice.

Today, we will delve into the most common questions we are asked about taking on locum tenens' work and share some answers that will help bring more clarity.  

Why should I consider locum tenens work in Radiology?

With a growing provider shortage affecting hospitals and clinics across the United States, many Radiologists are taking on locum tenens work because their services are more in demand. As clinics reopen and elective and non-urgent procedures start being added back into the hospital rotation, providers are eager to fill new and existing roles with trained experts. In this market, there are many valuable opportunities available to Radiologists.

Why pursue a locum tenens position rather than conventional Radiology?

A locum tenens opportunity offers distinct advantages over conventional Radiology positions. Rather than committing to a single clinic or hospital, you will have the opportunity to travel to locations where your services are needed most. 

There are a wide variety of opportunities to practice Radiology in a locum tenens setting. Depending on your interests, you can find the assignments that fit your schedule and enjoy more free time. Not to mention, specialists in locum tenens roles typically receive better pay than those working in a non-locum tenens role.

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Where can I work?

The short answer is – wherever you want! One of the benefits of locum tenens work is that there is demand all over the United States. Whether you prefer to stay in your local community or travel to a new location, plenty of contracts are available to those with an active state license.

What's the expected Radiology salary for locum tenens jobs?

Salaries for Radiologist in locum tenens positions vary widely depending on the specialty, location, and contract length. You can reach out to a Radiology specialized recruiter on our team to learn more about specific rate ranges for your modalities and desired locations.

This ability to take on as much work as you like is appealing since 57% of Radiologists saw a drop in workload and salary due to COVID-19. If you can take on contracts with a guaranteed minimum number of hours, you could set yourself up financially.

Is locum tenens work something I can do for the rest of my career?

In some situations, locum tenens work has been seen as something practiced by individuals who want to move around often or want to combine their career with travel. While many short-term locum tenens contracts are currently hiring, these are not the only contracts available.

Sometimes, hospitals use locum tenens contracts to cover for maternity leave or to fill in a gap as they take their time looking for the right full-time Radiologist or Radiography Technician. These contracts often last for months and allow the locum tenens Physician to integrate fully into the new facility. Hours can vary and may involve required weekdays or taking weekend call. 

Locum tenens contracts can be used throughout a Radiologist’s career, regardless of whether they want to travel or stay close to home. Many Radiologists use a locum tenens opening to try new modalities or refresh their skills in a particular type of setting. Regardless of where you are in your career, locum tenens positions offer many options.

What are the benefits of working locum tenens positions?

There are many benefits to taking on a locum tenens Radiology job. Some of the most popular reasons for opting for this career path include:

  • Schedule flexibility around your needs and preferences
  • Great opportunities for professional development
  • The ability to pick and choose contracts that work for your desired yearly income target
  • Valuable opportunities to expand your network and work with new colleagues

What is the job outlook for locum tenens radiology?

The demand for Radiologists is expected to increase by at least 7% by 2029. Locum tenens jobs at group practices and hospitals will command the highest income. 

Because Radiology is in high demand, locum tenens work has become especially important for healthcare facilities in need of staffing. 

Specialty-specific consultants in Interventional Radiology or body imaging are especially valuable, and Radiologists with experience in these specialties can enjoy a wide range of choices for their locum tenens work.

What do I need to do to find a locum tenens position?

If you feel ready to embrace change and want to explore the world of locum tenens Radiology jobs, we can help! Contacting an agency is typically the first step in taking on locum tenens work, and Health Carousel Locum Tenens specializes in finding Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers positions around the United States.

Whether you want to work part-time or full-time, explore a new patient setting, or flex a new area of expertise, we can always help you find a contract that fulfills your needs. Plus, we offer medical malpractice insurance from best-in-class providers, along with in-house logistics support to make the first day of your next job as simple as possible.