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March 20, 2018
June 29, 2022

Physicians choose locum tenens assignments for many reasons. Some are travel-based, exploring the country while working. Other physicians pick locums work to follow passion. Health Carousel Locum Tenens spoke with Dr. Kazi Rezai, a physician who chose locum tenens work for just this reason.

Dr. Kazi Rezai started his own private practice in Huntington Beach, California. He followed his calling to help patients overcome opioid addiction. While running his private practice, Dr. Rezai works at the VA Hospital as a locum tenens. Dr. Rezai's practice is a full scope primary care clinic and his locum positions support his new business efforts. There's a delicate balance and Dr. Rezai looks like he has found it.

Locum Tenens Work

Health Carousel Locum Tenens: You use locum tenens work to support and enhance your passion for helping others. Why did you start locum tenens work?

Dr. Rezai:  I've been working locum tenens positions since 2012. I had the travel bug! I enjoyed moving around California, living in nice hotels, working in new places and meeting a whole lot of new people that I still keep in touch with. Recently though, I wanted to stop living out of a suitcase and I opened my own private practice.

Doing locums work locally has been exceedingly helpful to the business that I've started. It allows me to work in a medical setting where there is a set time commitment, but it isn't necessarily a permanent thing. I work weekdays at the VA and weekend clinic at my private practice.

Health Carousel Locum Tenens: There are many locum opportunities available. Why did you choose the locum tenens position at the VA Hospital?

Dr. Rezai: Taking care of our veterans is such an honor. Getting the chance to serve those who serve our country is a privilege. These patients are heroes in every sense of the word. I get to speak with World War II veterans, medal of honor winners, and beyond caring for them, I get to hear their stories.

Health Carousel Locum Tenens: Why did you choose to focus part of your private practice on helping patients overcome opioid addiction?

Dr. Rezai: The opioid crisis is incredibly serious, however 97% of doctors are not suboxone certified. So, in the middle of this epidemic, only 3% of doctors are willing to even touch the addiction crisis. When I started working in pain medicine in 2012, a lot of the patients that I inherited were not treated properly for their pain. Acute pain medications were too often prescribed over the long term, building tolerances and essentially, creating addicts.

By helping those addicted to opiates find a solution that gets them out of the dangerous cycle of getting drugs on the street, I'm not just making them safer, I'm making the community safer.

Valued Physician

Health Carousel Locum Tenens: What value do you bring to new facilities when you work as a locums physician?

Dr. Rezai: The best compliment I receive is, "Hey doc, you don't sound like a doctor." Way too often patients are met with doctors they feel like they can't talk to. I'm not that kind of doctor. I listen. I have meaningful conversations. I'm just a normal guy who happens to be a doctor.

Health Carousel Locum Tenens: How has your experience been working with Health Carousel Locum Tenens?

Dr. Rezai: My recruiter, Amber, is so genuine. When you talk to her you know she's not gaming you, playing you, manipulating you. I've dealt with recruiters who sound like a used car salesman, but not Amber. I can tell she just wants to help. You are helping a lot of people by placing doctors where they are needed most. You are part of creating this healthcare community, and its important.

Thank you Dr. Rezai for sharing your locum tenens story with us. Whatever your motivation is, locums work is a great way to find success. Find out more about locum tenens work with Health Carousel Locum Tenens and speak to a recruiter today.