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January 31, 2019
June 28, 2022

Retirement is a dream for many Americans. But for healthcare providers, it doesn't have to be the end of medical careers. Instead, retirement is the ideal time to take more control over how, where, and when you practice.

Retire on your terms with locum tenens employment. Locum tenens staffing agencies are looking for experienced physicians, specialists, and mid-level providers (NP, CRNA, PA, and nurses) to fill on-call needs, leaves of absences, staffing shortages, and kickstart new programs. Your years of practice make you a very attractive candidate for healthcare systems across the country. In return for working reduced hours, there are several advantages over complete retirement.

Get Paid to Travel

There are thousands of locum tenens positions across the country. You choose the length, site, and type of contract work. It's the perfect opportunity to check out your must-see locations while earning money to fund new adventures. Many healthcare systems offer very attractive rates to locum tenens physicians to ensure they recruit top medical talent.

Do What You Love with Less Stress

As a locum tenens provider, the focus is on patient care and professional/personal satisfaction. Your hiring healthcare system is responsible for the bureaucratic side of medicine, and contracted employees don't have to worry about playing office politics.

Keep Your Medical Skills Sharp

Technology and techniques are quickly changing to improving patient care and providers' skills. And while one of retirement's benefits is a break from practice, the trade off can mean expired medical licenses. Semi-retirement or limited shift work through locum tenens will keep you in touch with the latest medical trends and provide continuing education opportunities.

Flexible Income

Locum tenens positions offer the best of both worlds after retirement. You choose when and if you work a contract, then use your locum tenens earnings to fuel even bigger, better adventures or purchases. It's so attractive that the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations reported 68% of retired physicians said they would consider a locum tenens position.

Spend Time with Your Family

Many medical providers work their entire lives in one city. Established, semi-retired physicians and NPs have the freedom to move closer to children/grandkids. The flexible scheduling gives you more time to attend events during the day like school trips.

Staying Active has Brain Benefits

Reports have shown the direct benefits of physical and mental exercise to reduce the chance of Alzheimer's and dementia. Harvard Health Publishing offered tips to remain mentally keen, including ways to "activate processes that help maintain individual brain cells and stimulate communication among them." According to the World Health Organization, 47 million people worldwide suffered from dementia in 2017 with projected growth to 75 million by 2030. Stay sharp with continued social interaction and problem-solving through patient care as a locum tenens doctor or professional.

Seize the Opportunity

If you would like to learn more about a career as a locum tenens doctor or a travel NP, contact Health Carousel Locum Tenens today. Retire on your terms and find your next adventure.