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January 14, 2020
June 24, 2022

For years, healthcare professionals have gone on medical mission trips to provide underserved communities with the treatment they need. While medical mission trips are wonderful, the cost of traveling to a foreign country can be a bit pricey. If time or money is preventing you from being able to travel outside of the United States, but you still want to help those in need, consider working with one of these local underserved communities:


There are over 9 million veterans counting on the Department of Veterans Affairs for healthcare. Many of these veterans faced unimaginable horrors on the battlefield; serious burns, gunshot and shrapnel wounds, pressure shocks from explosives, and more. Their journey does not end when they return home safely, as the need for quality patient care remains in high demand. Locum tenens providers have the opportunity to help these heroes by giving these brave men and women the exceptional care they deserve.

Indian Health Services

The Indian Health Service, or IHS, is a government program that serves American Indians and Alaska Natives. As a subset of the Department of Health and Human Services, IHS is responsible for organizing healthcare services for members of the 567 nationally recognized tribes of American Indians and Alaska natives. American Indians and Alaska natives suffer from significant health disparities related to chronic illness and access to quality healthcare that is efficient and effective.

Rural Communities

In the United States, rural areas are considered underserved communities. These areas suffer from a physician shortage, resulting in many patients lacking access to proper healthcare. It can be hard for patients to be seen by a provider, making even the most common illnesses become dangerous. Locum tenens providers are needed more than ever to make sure patients in rural communities receive proper treatment.

Benefits of Working with Underserved Communities

Working with these communities gives you the opportunity to expand your resume and your skill set. Sometimes you may be the only practicing provider in the area and will treat a diverse patient population with an array of ailments. You may also have the opportunity to earn more money, especially if you work in rural areas. The cost of living in rural areas is cheaper, so locum tenens are able to pocket more of their income. Finally, you'll have the benefit of having the opportunity to provide care to those who need it most.

Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of underserved communities here in the US? Contact a recruiter today.