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May 23, 2019
June 27, 2022

Being a parent means knowing how to juggle, but being a working parent can mean juggling while walking a tightrope.

Finding the right work-life balance as a physician and a mom presents its own unique challenges thanks to ever-increasing paperwork demands, extended hours and growing patient loads. Females reported a higher burnout incidence rate than their male counterparts in The Medscape National Physician Burnout & Depression Report 2018, citing 48 percent physician burnout compared to 38 percent for males.  Female surgeons with children also strongly considered leaving training - 39 percent in a survey by JAMA Surgery.

So is there an answer to better balance? Ideally, it's cloning ourselves or magically making more hours in the day. Practically, though, finding the right position for your family's needs is a better option.

A Practical Solution to Work-Life Balance

Locum tenens offers numerous benefits for working medical mothers. You can find what's right for you and your family with less stress.

More control of your schedule: It's like the best build-your-own-adventure. You choose whether you want full or part-time and contract or long-term position. You set the pace by your priorities.

Create your own maternity leave: Traditionally, maternity leave is dependent on your organization's policies. Locum tenens offers schedule flexibility and a chance to bank extra income. Some families, especially those with multiple members in the medical profession, take short-term shifts before the baby arrives or during their planning stage.

Travel opportunities with your family: Locum tenens positions are plentiful around the country or globe, as independent and large health care systems strive to staff during an ongoing physician shortage. You'll get paid to explore new locations, experience new cultures and learn about history first-hand.

Be more present when you are at home: As a locum tenens provider, you can spend more time treating patients and less time on politics and paperwork. Not only does this save time during your working hours, less stress and more job satisfaction helps you "turn off" during valuable family time.

Prevent burnout: Refresh and reaffirm your love of medicine to prevent burnout. Whether it's a short or long-term locum tenens position, changing your schedule and medical mindset can make true work-life balance a reality now and in the future.

Discover a new path; Having children changes life. For some, it means wanting more time at home. Others realize priorities or job interests have changed. Locum tenens positions are an opportunity to adapt during your medical journey, while still offering flexibility and limited commitment.

If you'd like to learn more about locum tenens employment or see how you can take your work-life balance into your own hands, contact a Health Carousel Locum Tenens recruiter today to learn more.