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April 10, 2020
June 24, 2022

As licensing and regulations are changed near daily to accommodate for demand due to COVID-19, we rounded up all the details for our providers to reference in one place. See below for how these licensing changes might open up new opportunities for you to help fight the pandemic.

Telemedicine Changes Relevant for all 50 States

Category Key Changes

Repayment Medicare will pay for telehealth services furnished to beneficiaries "in all areas of the country in all settings" at the same rate of as regular, in-person visits Privacy HIPAA enforcement will be relaxed to allow physicians to practice telemedicine over alternative video platforms "in good faith," such as FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, etc.

For a list of each state's telemedicine regulations and associated legislation, see the FSMB's document here. At the time of posting, 31 states have introduced waivers for state licensing in telemedicine.

State Licensing Changes

State Offering Emergency License Details

AL - Yes MD, DO: Application required, fee waived, and good active for 120 days from effective date or until declared emergency has been lifted. Physicians & PA's will be issued a limited CSR as well to allow for prescribing COVID-19 and SARS-CoV2. The CSR does not allow them to prescribe via telemedicine per the paperwork. No felonies, disciplinary actions on licenses or CSR's; cannot currently be under investigation. Must be licensed in another state.

AK - No

AZ - Yes Licensing requirements are being waived for HCPs, but a request to waive license requirements must be submitted and approved on a case by case basis. Temporary licenses for DOs are available to apply for online.

AR - Yes Emergency licenses are being issued to medical residents that have completed at least 1 year of residency training & with written recommendation from program director. Good until 6/5/2020 or until declared emergency has been lifted.

CA - No Licenses are not being issued, however, permission to temporary practice without a license is being granted through EMSA (encompasses medical professionals). Website: https://emsa.ca.gov/covid19/

CO - No Out of state licensees (MD/DO) or physician in training may temporarily practice without a CO license as long as they are practicing in another state without restrictions or conditions, do not have an established or regular medical staff membership or clinical privileges in CO, and is not party to any contract, agreement, or understanding to provide services in this state on a regular or routine basis.

CT - Yes Permitting physicians, nurses, respiratory care practitioners, emergency medical services personnel and other health care practitioners who are licensed in another state to provide temporary assistance in Connecticut for a period of 60 days. 

FL - No Out of state providers can provide services unlicensed for 30 days unless this time frame is extended by the State Surgeon General.

GA - Yes Issuing emergency licenses good for 90 days or until state of emergency is lifted. Two page application needs to be notarized, and must have proof of current unrestricted license in another state, government ID, and current NPDB.

HI - Yes Allow out-of-state physicians, osteopathic physicians and PAs to practice without a license, provided they have never had their license revoked or suspended and are hired by a state or county agency, facility, or by a hospital, including related clinics and rehab hospitals, nursing homes, hospice, pharmacy, or clinical lab.

ID - Yes MDs, DOs, and PAs holding a license in good standing from another state or country are permitted to treat patients in Idaho without an Idaho license. This is permitted until the Governor declares that the public health emergency is over. Out-of-state practitioners treating Idaho patients are encouraged to notify the Board of their intent to practice in Idaho. Retired or inactive practitioners whose license was in good standing when they retired or went inactive, AND who retired or went inactive less than 5 years ago, may apply for a temporary license to practice in Idaho. Such licensure will be valid for 120 days, unless extended by the Board.

IL - Yes This is not a license, but a "temporary permission to practice" permit. It includes MD/DO, PA, NP, CRNA, RN. Must submit form via email, no fee, and good until 9/30/2020. Allow at least 1 week for processing. HCPs shall only provide treatment in response to the COVID-19 outbreak (1) in a state licensed long-term care facility, state regulated hospital, or federally qualified health centers (FQHC), or (2) in another practice setting under the direction of IEMA and IDPH pursuant to a declared disaster.

IN - Yes MD/DO, PA, RN can apply for a temporary practice permit on the board website. Good for 90 days and can be extended in 30 day increments, if needed. Expires when declared emergency is lifted. Must hold an active (and in good standing) out of state license or IN license expired within the last 5 years.

IA - No MD/DO, Nursing, & PA with licenses lapsed/expired or inactive within the last 5 years are not prohibited from practicing during the duration of the emergency. along with Providers with out of state licenses (in good standing with no restrictions or limitations) may also practice in Iowa. No registration or notification to the board required.

KS - Yes Temporary license is good for 90 days or automatically cancelled 30 days after the declared emergency is lifted. Fee waived, PCF enrollment still required, must have out of state license or held an active or exempt KS license within the last 2 years. Felony, licensure action(s), and surrendering a DEA must be disclosed regarding background.

KY - Yes This is not a license, but a registry through the board (no fee). Once registered, any provider can practice in the state for the duration of the emergency.

LA - Yes Emergency Temporary Permit Application - This is ONLY for licensed out-of-state medical professionals seeking a temporary, voluntary license for an emergency event in the state of Louisiana. 

ME - Yes Physician confirms they will be providing clinical services related to COVID-19, have a full and unrestricted license in another state that will not expire in the next 100 days or have a retired license in Maine within the past two years;  no disciplinary issues or investigations pending.

MD - Yes Because renewing expiring permits or licenses often requires the public to enter public buildings and interact with state employees; all licenses, permits, registrations, and other authorizations issued by the state, its agencies or any political subdivision that would expire during the current state of emergency will be extended until the 30th day after the state of emergency is lifted.

MA - Yes 1 page application required, submitted and approved via email, no fee. Valid until the declared emergency is lifted. Must have valid, unrestricted out of state license. Physicians retired within the last year can get immediate reactivation upon request via form submission emailed to the board.

MI - Yes Must be licensed in another state as long as their licenses are in good standing. No application is needed; show proof of license to employer. Out of state licensees or providers retired within the last 5 years can practice unlicensed for the duration of the declared emergency. Does NOT allow individuals to prescribe controlled substances unlicensed under this provision.

MN - Yes Fingerprinting/criminal background waived during emergency and defers CME till June 30th.MSNoOut of state physicians can practice telemedicine only; must be licensed/in good standing in another state and contact the board for authorization.

MO - Yes Must be licensed in another state and in good standing. No application is needed, show proof of license to employer.

MT - No Out of state applicants can complete 1-page Interstate Licensure Registration. Will check home state license according to verify it is active, unrestricted and in good standing then will issue a registration to work in MT during state of emergency.

NE - No Physicians who are licensed in good standing to practice medicine in another state and who, on an irregular and occasional basis, are granted temporary hospital privileges to practice medicine and surgery at a hospital or other medical facility licensed in this state.

NV - Yes Waiver applies to qualified providers who currently hold a valid license in good standing. Complete online document for immediate emergency licensing.

NH - Yes Temporary privilege for no cost if licensed and in good standing within another state.

NJ - Yes Accelerated temporary license by reciprocity (includes telemedicine). Provider must have practiced w/in the last 5 years, form submitted via email, no fee, and response received within 24 hours.

NM - Yes License good until 7/1/2020 for physicians; full application still required and $400 fee. Any exception requests for licensure must be submitted in writing and reviewed by the board.

NY - No Temporary suspension and modification of Education law and regulations to allow health care professionals licensed and in current and good standing in any state in the US to practice medicine in NY state without civil or criminal penalty related to lack of licensure. Students graduating medical school this Spring can begin practicing immediately.

NC - Yes Out of state applicants can get a temporary emergency license (not volunteer, compensation allowed). No fee and good for the duration of the declared emergency. PAs must still register online. A physician or PA who has inactivated his or her license in the last 24 months can quickly obtain a license and can practice for whichever is shorter - 90 days or 30 days from the point the emergency is declared over.

ND - Not Able to practice if legally practicing in another state and in good standing.

OH - Yes Ohio licensure eligibility for out of state doctors requirements relaxed, but does not guarantee all out-of-state physicians will receive a license.

OK - Yes Must hold a license in any 50 states, active and in good standing. Upon verification, shall issue a temporary license to practice within state.

OR - Yes Physicians & PAs can work with another state license in good standing. Must submit authorization application.

PA - Yes Must submit 2 page application via email, no fee. Copy of active license must accompany application; good until 12/31/2020.RIYesNo fee to apply; 90 day temporary license which can be extended one time.

SC - Yes 90 day authorization to practice.

SD - Yes Expedited temporary licenses for out-of-state physicians within 24 hours.

TN - Yes Will grant licenses from other states assisting in the medical response to COVID-19 until May 11, 2020.TXYesGood for 30 days or until declared emergency is over. Physician may be on retired status 2 years or less.

UT - Yes If licensed and lawfully practicing medicine in another U.S. state or territory without restrictions or conditions, may practice in Utah for the duration of the declared emergency by obtaining a DOPL Time-limited Emergency License. Expires upon the earlier of 180 days, 30 days from the end of the declared emergency, or upon 10 days notice from DOPL. All fees are waived. If formerly licensed in Utah or in another U.S. state or territory, whose license was unrestricted and in good standing, you may apply for a volunteer health care practitioner license to work exclusively as a volunteer at a qualified location (clinic, hospital, church, etc.). This practitioner would work under a delegation of service agreement with an actively licensed supervising professional. All fees are also waived for these applicants.

VT - Yes Good for 90 days and can be renewed; expired licensees can also get a temporary license with the fee refunded.

VA - Yes A license in another state, and in good standing shall be deemed to be an active license issued by the Commonwealth to provide health care services for the purpose of assisting that facility with public health and medical disaster response operations. Hospitals, licensed nursing facilities, and dialysis facilities must submit to the applicable licensing authority each out-of-state health care practitioner's name, license type, state of license, and license identification number within a reasonable time of such healthcare practitioner arriving at the applicable health care facility in the Commonwealth.

WA - No Must apply to be an Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioner. Applying for a full license may result in the board issuing a temporary license.

WV - Yes To be eligible to practice pursuant to this rule, the physician or physician assistant must register with the Board. Physicians who hold unrestricted licensure in another state; physician assistants who hold unrestricted licensure in another state; certain inactive or expired status West Virginia physicians; and certain expired status West Virginia physician assistants will be approved.

WI - Yes Any health care provider with a valid and current license issued by another state may practice in Wisconsin without first obtaining a temporary or permanent license; health care provider may not be currently under investigation and does not currently have any restrictions or limitations placed on their license. The health care provider practicing under this section must apply for a temporary or permanent health care license within 10 days of first working at a health care facility in reliance on this Section; and the health care facility must notify DSPS at dsps@wisconsin.gov within 5 days of a health care provider practicing at its facility. Will expire 30 days after the declared emergency has been lifted.

WY - Yes Physicians and physician assistants not licensed in Wyoming may qualify to work here during the declared public health emergency through the "consultation exemption." If approved to do so, the physician or physician assistant is considered to be "consulting" with the State Health Officer. The exemption from licensure, if approved, will be valid until the earlier of the end of the Public Health Emergency or the termination by the State Health Officer of the physician's or physician assistant's "consultation."

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