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March 14, 2023
Healthcare Professionals

After so many years of school, training, and hard work, we believe that Neurologists with an active state license deserve to choose their practice, call schedule, and more. Unfortunately, the reality is that Physicians working in the medical specialty of Neurology often do not  have this choice. Busy schedules and patient demands take up the majority of their schedule, leaving them with very little time and energy to focus on long-term career planning.

For some Neurologists, the possibility of changing their practice or working in a different type of facility offers the chance to adjust the pace of their day-to-day work and spend more time with their family and friends. All over the United States, board-certified Neurologists are opting for locum tenens jobs to make these goals a reality.

Today, we will discuss locum tenens Neurology opportunities and how it can benefit your career to explore this flexible option.

The benefits of locum tenens for Neurologists

There are many benefits to incorporating a locum tenens opportunity into your Neurology career. It offers board-certified Neurologists the opportunity to work with new patients, travel the country, reduce their share of paperwork, and connect with colleagues who can provide mentorship in new areas.

Here are some of the most relevant benefits that locum tenens jobs can bring to Neurologists around the United States.

The opportunity to work in new clinical settings

Since there are locum tenens opportunities all over the United States, Neurologists interested in pursuing this career path can choose from many clinical settings. Whether you prefer working inpatient or outpatient, or even at a more specialized setting like a VA clinic, in a locum tenens role you can select which environment works best for you. Additionally, if you are not sure what you like and want to take on a variety of short-term contracts to try out new opportunities, that is an option.

Flexible schedule

In addition to choosing which clinical setting you prefer for your future job, taking on a locum tenens contract also means choosing a customized schedule based on your availability, whether it is full-time or part-time. If you are not interested in full-time work, you can pursue one of the many part-time or casual coverage contracts available. You have the choice to just do weekdays or be on weekend call. You are in charge of determining your availability and chosen coverage in locum tenens positions.

Having the ability to choose your schedule offers a better work-life balance Neurologist in locum tenens positions. If you need time off after a contract ends, you can take it! You control your contract schedule and can always negotiate for what you need.  

Why is burnout so common and how to minimize it

Burnout is common in Neurologists due to overworking, stress levels, and possible trauma associated with patient care. With the American Academy of Neurology predicting a 19% shortage of Neurologists by 2025, it should come as no surprise that 60% of Neurologists currently report at least one symptom of burnout. These include emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and a low sense of accomplishment. Having a better work-life balance is key to a long and productive career.

One of the best ways to combat burnout is exercising control over your schedule and building in time for self-care. This can help you return to your patients with more energy and increase your overall job satisfaction.

Keep your knowledge fresh

One of the challenges of being a practicing board-certified Neurologist is that it is  easy to get stuck in a rut doing the same clinical and patient work every day. This routine may be easy, but it can quickly lead to specialists getting out of practice in specific skills and areas of knowledge.

Instead of letting your knowledge fall to the wayside, taking on new and challenging locum tenens contracts in different clinical settings can help you maintain a broad level of knowledge. This can help ensure better and more lucrative career opportunities down the line.

Improve your earning potential

If you are looking to improve your earning potential, taking on a locum tenens opportunity is an excellent chance to bump up your salary. The average locum tenens position pays $32.45 more per hour than their full-time equivalent, making this a great choice for Neurologists who want to lock in a higher salary.

If you are willing to take on last-minute contracts, travel to a rural location, or take on otherwise less desirable arrangements, your pay rate could be even higher.

Experience new places with travel

Physicians working in Locum tenens positions can explore new places in most of the United States by looking for new jobs with full or partial availability. While working in a locum position, you do not have to be tied to one place forever. You can work in multiple locations in different settings. You can search for Neurology positions based on location or you can sign up for job alerts that are sent directly to your inbox. There are also consultants who can help you find your future job in your chosen specialty. As long as you are a board-certified Neurologist with an active state license, you can find a flexible Locum tenens position almost anywhere.

How to get started in Neurology locum tenens work

One of the most significant benefits of taking on locum tenens Neurology contract is that you never have to do it alone. At an agency like Health Carousel Locum Tenens, we specialize in helping Neurologists find contracts where they can make a custom career plan that will further their career and personal aspirations. We will dig into the details of each contract and help you negotiate the terms, compensation, and coverage schedule. We are not just a database of jobs – we truly walk with you through every contract, helping with every aspect of the transition from travel to lodgings and even credentialing.

Want to explore what value a Neurology locum tenens position could bring to your life? Get in touch with one of us today to sign up for job alerts and see what is out there. Once you find a position you like, one of our highly qualified recruiters will get you set up.