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July 10, 2020
March 14, 2023

Many healthcare systems rely on locum tenens providers for help, especially highly skilled physicians and advanced medical practitioners. With so much demand, it's possible for providers to find the perfect location and position for what they want in their career.

The Locum Tenens Interview

A critical step in the locum tenens hiring process is the interview. During the interview, both the provider and the recruiter are engaged in evaluating the future relationship. The provider needs to see if the recruiting company offers the support and structure they need. The recruiter must understand what the provider is looking for and identify if they are a good fit for their partner health systems.

There is a method to the interview process and steps you can take to position yourself for success.

Do your Research

Many times, the locum tenens interview is more in-depth than the interview with an individual healthcare system – with good reason. The recruiter is not only looking at the skills of the provider, but also their working style, values, personality and commitment. These factors will be matched to not only their clients, but also the locum tenens staffing agency.  

Do your research before the interview. Learn about the agency, their customers and how they fit in the healthcare world. Take time to review their website, check out their social media sites (LinkedIn is a good place to start) and see what other employees say about the company. Create a list of potential interview questions and organize your answers.

Take Time to Prepare

Not only is the recruiter interviewing you, you are interviewing them, as well. This is your time to set your expectations and establish your future career goals.

List out your benchmarks, such as your requirements in your next location. What positions or specialties interest you? What do you want in your next position and how does it fit into your professional plan? What are things you don't want at all (the "NEVER" items). This is your opportunity to make a change in your life and map out a new direction.

As you work on the list, make sure you outline any limitations or concerns you may have. It's better to be honest upfront, than find yourself in an uncomfortable position in the future.

Schedule your Interview

Many of the best physicians can ruin an interview by not giving it the attention it needs. They'll try to answer the questions in the car, going from one meeting to the next. Or, they'll conduct the interview between appointments and then rush their answers to make sure they aren't late.

Give yourself enough time for a thorough interview. Ensure you have a quiet space, and you have a few moments to mentally prepare before it starts. Review your notes before you talk to the recruiter. If possible, remove any distractions so you can focus and provide the best possible answers. Leave yourself enough time for the questions you want answered.

Give the recruiter your full attention, so they can see your dedication and you can set yourself up for success.

Be Honest and Be Yourself

During a locum tenens interview, it's easy to slip into old habits and to start treating it like any other interview. While the interview is an opportunity to display your skills, experience and talent, it's also the best time to set your and their realistic expectations.

Be honest. Discuss what you like about a locum tenens position, and what you didn't like about your past work. Explain what you want in your next position, and what you need from the recruiter to make it happen. Identify your unique traits and any areas you're willing to grow. Be honest about your goals, and where you want to be in the future. If there are limitations that may impact your work, let the recruiter know upfront.

The recruiter is your partner in the locum tenens process, and the more honest and open you are with them, the better they can help you.

After the Locum Tenens Interview

For many, the locum tenens interview is the first step on a new career path. It opens new opportunities, and it's a chance to start fresh and find a fulfilling career. After the interview, leave yourself open to those new opportunities. Review your options and approach the future with excitement.

Contact a recruiter today to learn more, or to see how locum tenens can change your career path.