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July 19, 2019
June 27, 2022

Locum tenens is a key to a long, happy medical career and thrilling adventures. It can also sometimes make finding answers challenging when you are independently planning your financial, personal, and medical career paths. In addition to your Health Carousel Locum Tenens agency contact, there is a wealth of information at your fingertips through blogs or podcasts. Someone out there likely has the insight you need, no matter what your need.

The following blogs are listed in no particular ranking and offer a wide variety of tips, tricks, and lifehacks.

Industry News and Association Blogs

  1. The Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials Blog is one of the most popular and visited health care destinations on the Internet. It has more than 4 million unique visitors/month, with a content marketing team of more than 40, offering distinctive perspectives.
  2. Second Opinion examines medical ethics and the practitioners who define them.
  3. TedTalks Science and Medicine cover a wide variety of topics from personal air-quality tracking to how the brains and morphing skins of cephalopods could lead to AI or fabric advances.
  4. Doctors without Borders' blog posts and Everyday Emergency Podcast share stories from medical and logistical experts around the globe.
  5. HealthBlawg covers the latest in healthcare policy. You'll find information on everything from PHI and data privacy to interviews with many industry leaders.
  6. The Society of Hospitalist Medicine (SHM) blog offers tips and the latest information on quality, clinical, and public policy topics.
  7. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Voices includes perspectives on topics relating to children's health and wellness.
  8. The American Medical Association newsletter and publications share stories impacting health care, medicine, and patients.

Money Management

  1. Physician on FIRE is a personal finance blog designed to help physicians find financial independence with insightful and entertaining information.
  2. IRS Tax Tips offer succinct and easy-to-understand guidelines for avoiding common errors to in your tax return, available tax deductions and credits, and much more.

Health and Wellness

  1. The Headspace Blog offers information on reducing stress and managing workplace pressure. You'll find blogs and an app for meditation, how to manage healthy relationships, and how to take a guided walk to improve your outlook.
  2. Lifehacker gives lessons on everything from how to make pasta, to how to use your phone better, to purchasing cheap plane tickets, and talking to interesting people at a bar.
  3. Fit Foodie Finds offers recipes and wellness tips while traveling and setting up new foodie home base.
  4. Eat + Run from US News & World Report offers daily advice for eating well and staying in shape.

Travel and Leisure

  1. The Bucket List Journey Blog is a little different, focusing on unique travel experiences, bucket-list worthy experiences, all over the world. Plus, the blog is easy-to-read and a lot of fun.
  2. Conde Nast's Traveller helps plot your next adventure with travel tips, locations suggestions, and the essential information on how to blend in with the locals.
  3. The Solo Traveler is a great resource for safety tips, destinations, and deals for solo travelers.

No matter where your medical journey takes you, stay connected and continue to improve your quality of life with help from the world's bloggers. The above-mentioned blogs are by no means an exhaustive list. Find your favorites or share your own blog-worthy tips with your peers. And don't forget to check out Health Carousel Locum Tenens's own blog for the latest locum tenens topics

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