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March 14, 2023
Healthcare Organizations

The decision to partner with a locum tenens staffing agency impacts the trajectory of your healthcare organization. Indeed, hiring additional staff to fill critical gaps in coverage can position your facility for lasting improvements in comprehensive patient care, optimal growth, and long-term fiscal success.

It is essential to understand that not all locum tenens staffing agencies are the same or the best choice to reach your goals. With more than100 US-based companies providing placements to the temporary physician workforce, there is a wide range of staffing strategies and resource utilization. Ultimately, procedural differences and organizational variable scan make or break the success of your locum tenens experience.

Choosing a locum tenens company becomes easier if you know the top factors to consider when seeking short-term or long-term partners inpatient care. As such, it is critical to evaluate locum tenens staffing agencies based on three main factors:  

  1. Quality
  2. Speed
  3. Flexibility

A careful evaluation of these factors ensures you make the best decision to support your current staff and to enhance the operational flow of the entire medical system.

Access to High-QualityProviders

When choosing a locum tenens staffing agency, you want to explore the pool of providers you will have access to and find out how the locum tenens agency matches you.

Typically, choosing a locum tenens company should involve a deep dive into how their industry experts locate, retain, and place top medical providers. For this, find out how satisfied other clients are with the staffing services and ask as many questions as you have.

A few to consider include:

●     How extensive is their network?

●     How many specialists do they have access to?

●     How many recruiters do they have?

●     How do they interface with providers and organizations?

Speed and Responsiveness of the Agency Matters

Getting a Physician into an active care role involves many complex steps.

These can include:

●     Licensing

●     Credentialing

●     Hospital privileging

●     Traveling to the site

●     Housing

These factors can be time-consuming and create long wait times for organizations in need.

Larger agencies with more streamlined systems can expedite the process by allocating resources to all these tasks, so the entire flow is accelerated from the selection to placement.

Flexibility Builds Customized Solutions

Healthcare is dynamic. It always has been. For this reason, the best locum tenens staffing agencies can pivot and respond as your needs change.

On your search, look for companies that offer various custom services for different challenges, including contract-to-hire or project-based services that offer extended contracts and stability. Think about current and future needs and ask your contact for all available contract options. Partner with them to find the right solution that best serves your financial and patient care goals. Agencies with a broad network of ready-to-go providers are more capable of responding to fluctuations in your care team's needs. A versatile network also makes it easier to find the skill set you need to ensure continuity of care across multiple service lines.

Why do quality, speed, and flexibility matter?

Hospitals and medical practices that do not have locum tenens Physicians with these attributes may experience adverse consequences with patient care.

Consequences can include:

●     Delayed appointments or screenings

●     Untreated health conditions

●     Lost revenue due to a lack of diagnostics and treatment.

●     Overworked staff is then prone to:

●     burnout

●     job dissatisfaction

●     increasing overall stress

●     inefficient work.

Working with a responsive agency with high-functioning systems to get a highly qualified provider to the bedside fast will profoundly impactyour patient population and permanent healthcare staff.

Choosing a Locum Tenens Staffing Agency

The best staffing agencies take the time to get to know you as a client and develop a thorough understanding of your business model and areas of need. Your agency should be fluent in the nuances of specialty medical practice and understand how it differs in pace and schedule compared to general practice.

Finally, agencies with technology-based matching tend to be more effective at meeting your list of preferences for a provider. You may even be able to search databases and select your top choices. The agency should utilize a streamlined, technology-based staffing system to meet providers where and how they want to interact. This choice will offer a more extensive, broader, and highly skilled talent pool.

Health Carousel Locum Tenens, a leader in locum tenens staffing agencies, offers world-class quality, fast provider placements, and flexible solutions for any challenge within the medical workforce. Our top ten company is amongst the largest healthcare staffing firms in theUS to provide fast solutions for any setting.

●     From temporary or permanent positions to direct hires, our Health Carousel Locum Tenens recruiting team helps you locate the ideal candidate to best meet the needs of your facility.

Health Carousel is not a one-size-fits-all company.

We recognize the unique challenges in different settings and collaborate closely with your team to identify critical areas to increase patient throughput and opportunities for increased revenue.

We can design a custom action plan to place the right providers where you need them.

Here are some features that set Health Carousel apart from the competition:

●     Self-service staffing

●     This is the simplest way to hire with or without a recruiter.

●     Sourcing and marketing support through MedPath for fully screened, ready providers.

●     Credentialing as a service (Cars) saving time and money

●     Project-based services for optimal workforce stabilization during any time of need.

●     Managed Services Program – clinically and technology-led custom workforce solutions.

Our innovative, technology-based systems are more efficient, flexible and provide a higher caliber workforce than traditional locum tenens services. Health Carousel Locum Tenens, offers temporary assignment, direct-hire, contract-to-hire, and advanced practice providers available to support your current staff and bridge any gaps in coverage.

We are committed to sending the best practitioners to perform the highest caliber patient care to your facility.

Our top-level client satisfaction earned us the Best in StaffingClient award for 2020.

Experience the award-winning Health Carousel Locum Tenens advantage:  high quality, top speed, and ultimate flexibility, and watch our solutions work for you.