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February 12, 2018
June 29, 2022

Evening rolls around once again and here you are, working an extra-long shift, as you have every day for the past 6 weeks, only to go home alone to a takeout meal. Travel healthcare jobs can be lonely. It doesn't have to be that way. Locum tenens positions allow you take control of your schedule AND your romantic future. How? You have the choice to move your healthcare career to a location where you may have different dating options.

We analyzed the top cities for singles, as reported by Wallet Hub and cross-referenced the Medscape Best Places to Practice list, to help you hone in on the best states for your career and your love life. You can read about Wallet Hub's methodology here, but they factored in things like share of the singles population, mobile dating opportunities, restaurants per capita, the average price per two-person meal, city accessibility, etc. to determine how "dating-friendly" each city is. Medscape looked at factors like the state's overall health, access to health insurance, number of malpractice suits, physician pay, and the ratio of primary care physicians to the population.


Minneapolis was listed as the 9th best city for singles, ranking second in the nation for dating opportunities. It was ranked as the best state to practice medicine. In addition to having the 4th healthiest population in the nation, it ranks 3rd for practices' teamwork with advanced practitioners.


Ranking Madison, WI the 5th best city for singles, Wisconsin has a lot to offer to physicians. It boasts the 6th highest physician income in the US and the 14th lowest for the number of malpractice lawsuits.


Seattle ranks 6th on the list of best cities to be single. It has plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy and is the second most dog-friendly state in the county. In addition to that, it is attractive to physicians, with the 5th highest number of office-based primary care facilities and the 9th healthiest population.


Boston is the 12th best city in the nation to be single, ranking 9th for dating opportunities and 14th for fun and recreation. Boston has an amazing music scene and is known for being a very walkable city. Massachusetts has the highest rate of insurance coverage in the nation and the 4th highest ratio of primary care physicians to population.


Pittsburg ranked as the 17th best city in the nation for singles and a great city for relocation. Pennsylvania has the 8th highest rate of employer-sponsored insurance and the 9th highest rate of health insurance coverage.

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