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January 9, 2023

Seeking a new position as a Pediatrician can come with its challenges as you navigate the pediatric job market. To explore your options, it is vital to understand the medical trends for your specialty.

With the vast majority of healthcare groups turning to locum tenens staffing networks to find providers, the opportunities for Pediatrician jobs are seemingly endless. No matter where you want to work, you can pursue a high salary and great working conditions with help from a locum tenens agency. You can find a full-time Pediatric Physician position or take on a temporary job for supplemental income through that network.

Keep reading to learn trends in your specialty, and where the best places are to find Pediatrician job listings.

Trends in the Pediatric job market

In 2020, more than 27,500 Pediatricians were employed across the United States. The vast majority of these professionals work in private practice offices, although more than 6,800 care for patients at hospitals.

While employed at a private practice or hospital, you can expect to make anywhere from $169,090 to $191,770 a year as a General Pediatrics provider. For even higher pay, you could join the 1,260 Pediatricians working in outpatient care centers for $207,560 per year.

Across all healthcare facilities, locum tenens Pediatrics jobs can net you a much higher salary. In fact, many locum tenens positions easily hit the $300,000 range, especially when working within the top sub-specialties in the Pediatric world.

In-demand pediatric jobs

In addition to working with locum tenens agencies to find well-paying, flexible positions, your Pediatric focus matters as well. By focusing on sub-specialties in the Pediatric world and health system, you can often find more job opportunities at well-established practices and medical centers ready to hire at your requested rate. Whether your focus is Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Adolescent Medicine, Pediatric Radiology, or another sub-specialty of Pediatrics jobs, narrowing your focus can help you locate opportunities that will move you toward your goal.

In-demand Pediatrician jobs with top salaries typically fall into the sub-specialties, like:

  • Pediatric Critical Care
  • Pediatric Hospitalist
  • Pediatric Adolescent Medicine
  • Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine
  • Pediatric Development & Behavioral
  • Pediatric Child Abuse

Through the years, specializing helps remove the glass ceiling on earnings, so you can keep maximizing your income.

Top places to look for pediatric jobs

When it comes to finding the best Pediatrics jobs, it is important to cast a wide net. So, as you start your job search, use the following resources to find job openings. Whether you are seeking patient case management jobs, or General Pediatrician jobs, there are many resources you can use.

Healthcare websites

Many hospitals, clinics, and urgent care centers post their General Pediatrician job listings on their websites. You can find these opportunities by navigating their site and looking for the career page. Sometimes, these medical centers will even have an option for job alerts, so you can be notified when a new General Pediatrics position is posted online. If you have a facility in mind but cannot find their career page, reach out to their human resources department directly.

Job boards

JAMA Network, PedJobs, and other online job boards list openings for Pediatrician Generalists and sub-specialties like Adolescent Medicine and Family Medicine. Plus, you can apply right on their site. You usually need to set up a profile and upload your resume to get started. After that, it’s just a matter of writing up a personalized cover letter and sending in your application to the medical center. There may also be options for job alerts, so job seekers can be notified when new positions are posted.

Professional associations

Professional associations for Physicians allow you to tap into a specialized network and see what job offerings are out there for Family Medicine and other specialties. By joining your state chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), for example, you can attend conferences that give you a chance to make lasting connections. Through those connections, opportunities for Pediatric Hospitalists or General Pediatrics could open up to you in the future.

Mentorship programs

The AAP also offers a mentorship program designed to help you promote your career growth as a General Pediatrician, Behavioral Pediatrician, or another speciality. As you work with your mentor, you will get the inside scoop on where to find your dream job at a medical center. Mentors can also help with your career growth, whether you need advice on renewing an active medical license, refining your clinical skills, or finding work at a specific medical center. Then, you can give back by becoming a mentor for someone else later on down the road.

Job fairs

Virtual and in-person job fairs give you a chance to compare a variety of positions all at once. As you go from booth to booth, you learn all about what each position entails and develop connections with the representatives from each company or medical center. Find local job fairs by searching CareerMD, PracticeMatch, or by networking with your fellow Pediatric Physicians, General Pediatricians, or Pediatric Hospitalists.

Locum tenens agencies

If you prefer to leave the legwork to knowledgeable recruiters, you cannot go wrong by working with a locum tenens agency, like Health Carousel Locum Tenens. These organizations help clinics, urgent care medical centers, and hospitals resolve staffing shortages by finding long- and short-term providers. On the provider side of the equation, they always advocate for their clients by negotiating the best compensation and employment terms for pediatrics jobs.

Why work with a locum tenens agency to find a pediatric job?

Whether you’re looking for a full-time position as a Pediatric Hospitalist or supplemental income, you can count on a locum tenens agency to help you find the right fit. Skilled recruiters understand the Pediatric job market, including all the leading specialties, plus take the time to learn about your needs.

Using that info, they expertly present the job opportunities that align with your goals. You can then weigh the options to find a position offering your ideal schedule and salary without compromising your career focus in Family Medicine or another specialty. In fact, upon identifying a job that otherwise meets your needs, your recruiter will advocate on your behalf for the highest rate of reimbursement possible.

Your connection does not end once you land a job, either. Suppose you ever need to change positions in the future to join another primary care team. In that case, you can return to your locum tenens agency to learn about new locum tenens jobs at different medical centers.

If you are ready to get started in finding locum tenens jobs in the Pediatric specialty, you can get the help you need from Health Carousel Locums Tenens. Through our multi-brand locum tenens network, you can find Pediatrician jobs with top salaries in your given sub-specialty or as a generalist. So, reach out today to seek out all the best flexible assignments with the income that meets your needs.