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November 11, 2022
Healthcare Organizations

With the shortage of skilled healthcare workers across the country and estimated gaps may be as large as 37,800 to 124,000 healthcare professionals by 2034, recruitment continues to be a challenge for many healthcare organizations. To address this issue, many hospitals and healthcare facilities have turned to hiring locum tenens as a solution. Locum tenens are temporary Physicians that can fill in coverage gaps due to vacation, holidays, illness, expansions or general staff shortages. Sourcing healthcare professionals can cause a strain on the hospital administration as it costs time and money to search for an appropriate candidate to hire. As a result, many healthcare organizations have started working with locum tenens staffing agencies.    

Benefits Of Working With A Locums Staffing Agency

Access to a Large Pool of Candidates

Staffing agencies often have access to large numbers of pre-qualified Physicians with proven track records across a variety of specialities. Since many assignments tend to be short-term, it’s easy to identify behavior and physician performance patterns. Agency recruiters will tell you if the potential candidate is a team player, has a problematic personality, documents and signs their notes on time, or is savvy with a specific technology. Recruiters are dedicated to building relationships with both the doctors and provider networks so that they can find the best fit for open job postings. 

You Can “Try Before You Buy”

It is estimated that the cost of recruiting a Physician can reach three to four times the physician's annual salary. This cost includes actual recruitment costs, lost revenue during the period of time during recruitment, and staff hours to go through the hiring process. Once hired, if you find that the new physician is not a good fit, it takes a long time to end the relationship. The benefit of working with a locum tenens agency is that you can “try before you buy,” and it's easy to terminate the relationship with minimal time or cost.  

High Retention Rates

Physician burnout is a common occurrence in the medical community, which results in increased turnover, disrupts work processes, lowers morale, causes gaps in patient care, and potentially affects an organization's reputation. Working with a locum tenens agency allows hospitals to have a flexible staffing solution on hand to combat Physician burnout. By allowing full-time healthcare staff to take time off, retention and performance rates generally improve. In addition, locum tenens providers are more likely to accept a permanent position if they have previous experience at a specific location. 

Time-Saving Services and Support

Locum tenens agencies save hospital administrators time by taking care of all the details required to get a locum tenens provider in the door. Agencies typically handle the credentialing process, contract negotiations, insurance and living arrangements for the potential candidate. 

How We Can Help

Health Carousel Locum Tenens offers quality, speed, and flexibility for healthcare organizations in need of locum tenens solutions. We provide various contracts to fit your needs, ranging from locum assignment, direct-hire, contract-to-hire for Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers. Using our deep well of prospects for healthcare facilities, we will search to provide you the best possible fit for your job posting. Health Carousel Locum Tenens will take care of the entire credentialing process for you, allowing providers to get started right away.